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Small Wonder Preschool, Inc. is a not for profit educational corporation founded in 1989. The school's philosophy is that all children can learn. Learning becomes a meaningful and relevant process when the child's experiences, knowledge, and literacy's become the starting point for curricular engagements.

The approach at Small Wonder is one of concerned, friendly, cooperation between parents, children, and staff. Assured of their safety and trust in their environment, our children learn and grow while engaged in playful structured and low structured activities.

Besides cheerfully decorated classrooms, private therapy suites, and a kitchen area, we are enthusiastic of our spacious motor area. It has enabled us to originate a Gross Motor Program to promote movement and the development of balance, coordination and muscle strength.

In addition to our child-focused curriculum, we offer support groups and educational seminars for parents through the Small Wonder Association for Parents (SWAP). SWAP meets on a monthly basis and serves as a venue for parents and guardians to participate in seminars and dialogue with one another and with the staff.

All special education programs and services are provided at no cost to families.


Small Wonder is funded through tax levied dollars provided by the New York State Education Department and the NYC Department of Education, Copyright 2002.  

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